How It Works

Get your health check done in just a few easy steps. makes it simple and very convenient for you to get the health testing you need. We have a range of test categories to help you get accurate health examinations seamlessly. We offer affordable lab testing that allows you to monitor your health, yourself anywhere anytime.  

Order Your Test

You can select individual test or test panels. Lab tests may be placed online using your mobile phone or computer 24 hours a day. Your personal information and lab order are kept private. After you place your order online, a physician licensed in your state will review your order and if applicable, authorize your test. Once you have selected your test and testing center location, we will process your payment using one of our various payment options.  After completion of payment, you will receive a doctor’s order confirmation and testing lab information.

Visit Our Test Center

Visit the lab testing center nearest you. You can walk in during normal operating hours at your convenience. The test itself takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes excluding potential wait times.

  • Take your lab order confirmation number and photo ID with you to the testing center.
  • Most testing centers accept walk-ins up to one hour before their closing time so no appointment is required.
  • If your selected testing center does require an appointment or you would prefer an appointment, you can schedule with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics online.
  • The testing center will not require payment, insurance information, or any other documentation from your doctor.
  • You can contact by phone at (888) 568-8988 if for any reason, you need our assistance during your lab visit.


Get Your Results

You will receive an email within 1-3 business days which will inform you that your health test results are available. You may then login to your online account to view and print your results. If you have abnormal results, PWNHealth's Care Coordination Team will first try to reach out to you by phone in order to deliver the results before releasing them into your secure online account. If you are unable to be reached, PWNHealth will send you a postal letter letting you know that your results are ready to view. PWNHealth will release all negative results to your account once they become available.

Clients are given several options to obtain their test results.

  • Results will always be available online through your online portal. Contact if you need assistance with logging-in.
  • Results can be faxed upon submission of a signed result release form.  Contact if you would like to obtain a release form.
  • The estimated turnaround time for each test varies. We are unable to guarantee when results will be released due to unforeseeable delays.


Talk to a Physician

After getting your health test results, you can speak with our physician to learn more about the findings. The physicians are available via phone or video chat for an post-test consultation for abnormal results. Based on the findings, he/she may prescribe medications or provide follow-up recommendations.

 Choose for your lab testing needs and see why our service is the best.