ABO Grouping/RH Typing

Blood typing is done to check out your blood type and blood group. People have different blood groups and it is important to know yours. Some blood groups are more common than others. Those who have similar blood groups are known as compatible. So, they can give and receive each other’s blood whenever required.

Why Blood Typing Is Done?

The test is done to find out the type of blood group you have such as:

  • While donating blood, doctors want to know your blood group for the safety point of view.
  • If you require blood transformation or organ transplant to figure out the blood you get from the donor is compatible.
  • In case you are pregnant to ensure that blood is compatible with your baby.

ABO Blood Group System

Two of the antigens available on the surface of the red blood cells are known as antigen A and antigen B. The ABO groups system for blood typing is depended upon which antigens you have on the red blood cells. You inherit the specific blood group antigens from your parents.

Rhesus (Rh) System

The blood typing system usually used in the Rhesus system is known Rh system, which is named after Rhesus monkey in which it was initially found. If you have an Rh antigen on the surface of the red blood cells, you are Rhesus positive (Rh+).