What is the amylase test?

Amylase test explains the level of amylase in the blood or urine of a person. It is an enzyme or you can say that a specific protein found in the body that supports one to digest the food properly. The pancreas and salivary glands produce most of the amylase.

The standard amount of amylase is small in an individual’s body. A Smaller or a larger amount of it indicates the pancreas disorder, a kind of infection, negative effects of alcohol or any other medical results.

This is also known as Serum Test, Amy Test, and urine amylase.

Use of amylase test:

The use of amylase blood test is to monitor and diagnose the problem related to pancreas involving pancreatitis. Your doctor might also ask you for a urine test. It helps in treating the disorders related to salivary gland and pancreatic. These both tests can help in identifying the issues concerning with pancreas and other disorders.

The Procedure of amylase test:

The amylase test takes less than 5 minutes, under this test a blood sample is taken from the vein of the arm of an individual with the help of a needle. The person might feel a little sting.

Effects of amylase test:

There are no negative effects of amylase blood or urine test but the person might get a bruise on the place from where the needle goes in and out.  Even the weakness can be felt by the person going through this test but most of the symptoms go away soon.

Preparations for the amylase test:

There are no specific preparations required for amylase urine or blood test.

Additional information:

In case your health service provider has doubt that you have pancreatitis then he will order you a lipase blood test with amylase test.  The pancreas produces another enzyme which is known as lipase. The lipase test is taken into consideration more to detect pancreatitis (especially when it keeps the connection with alcohol).