CA 125

Cancer Antigen CA 125 test is used to measure the amount of CA 125 (a protein) in your blood. Doctors recommend this test when they need to monitor cancer treatment, to screen the presence of ovarian cancer or to check for the cancer recurrence. As many other non-cancerous conditions like liver cirrhosis, uterine fibroids, endometriosis or normal menstruation results in increased level of CA 125 in the blood, hence this is not a definitive method to screen ovarian cancer. Doctors suggest for biopsy and pelvic ultrasound or CT scan for confirmation of the ovarian cancer. The normal level of CA 125 is less than 46 Units/millilitre and lower or higher value than this indicates abnormalities

Patients with ovarian cancer, endometrial, or fallopian tube cancer are required to undergo CA 125 test on a regular basis that helps doctors to monitor their condition and treatment. For CA 125 test, one can take one’s food and drinks normally before the test. Cancer patients showing the declining level of CA 125 indicate that their bodies are responding to treatment.