Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)


Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) test is a combination of more than a dozen tests that includes liver test, kidney test, electrolytes, blood glucose, protein, calcium, and others. Doctors recommend CMP test as a part of yearly routine check up for the assessment of the overall health of the body. The test also helps doctors diagnose the health condition of the liver and kidneys of the patient. In this test, patients need to fast for 10-12 hours before getting the blood drawn out from their body for the test.    

Besides the health of liver and kidneys, the test report also indicates the electrolyte, acid/ base balance, and levels of glucose and proteins present in the blood. This gives doctors the clue or helps them diagnose the effects of hypertension or monitor the effects of medications on the kidney or liver. Thus CMP is an important test that helps in the diagnosis and monitoring of the health condition of liver and kidneys of the patients.