What Is Lysozyme?

Lysozyme is an enzyme found in sweat, tears, saliva and other body fluids. There are some other mucosal linings like the nasal cavity having lysozyme. It kills bacteria that try to enter the body through such passageways. When tears are around, lysozyme protects the eyes from bacteria invades. There is a liquid layer or tear film that coats your eyes to make them safe.

Detection of Lysozyme

In spite of the nutritional value, eggs signify an essential health concern for allergic people. Proteins from egg yolk contain minor allergenicity, although several proteins from the egg white are called to be allergenic. Apart from ovalbumin, lysozyme signifies the main allergenic protein available in egg white.

The food industry commonly uses lysozyme as a preservative. It is used as a fining agent for wine and included in dairy products. The consumption of lysozyme for allergic people is a serious concern. As extremely low levels of the allergen are enough to cause allergic reactions, the failing to label lysozyme additives in the food can be very dangerous for allergic individuals.

Sample Types For Lysozyme Test

Different samples are collected for lysozyme test such as tissue lysate, saliva, tissue homogenate, serum, purified protein, cell lysate and cell culture extracts.