Tuberculosis (TB) Blood Test

Tuberculosis (TB) blood test is also known as Interferon Gamma Release Assay or IGRA. The test checks whether you have TB germs or not. There are two approved TB blood tests i.e. T-SPOT®.TB and QuantiFERON®-TB. Your health care provider will draw your blood in a syringe and send it to a laboratory for a complete examination.

You should consider a TB blood test if you:

  • Work in a homeless shelter, nursing home, prison, hospital or clinic
  • Are in touch with a person suffering from active TB disease
  • Have a weak immune system or have HIV infection
  • Have lived an area where many people have TB

Positive TV Blood Test: It means that you are infected with TB bacteria. Further tests are required to check if you have TB disease or TB infection.

Negative TV Blood Test: It means that you are not infected with TB bacteria and TB disease and latent TB infection are not likely.

What Is Latent TB Infection?

Two phases of TB are available and both of them are cured with medicine. When TB germs enter the body, they lead to latent TB infection. If not treated in time, latent TB infection can turn into active TB disease.