Arthritis and Inflammation Tests


ANA W/ Reflex

ANA W Reflex


Anti-CCP refers to the anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide It is kind of an antibody that is produced by the immune system These consider the patient rsquo s cells as the foreign cells and start attacking them Such kind of attacks can give birth to inflammatory symptoms...

Bilirubin, Direct

What is the direct bilirubin test Bilirubin is a substance which is produced in your body on the breakage of old red blood cells This substance is also present in the bile which is made up by the liver in order to digest the food...

C. Peptide, Blood

C Peptide Blood


Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ESR also termed as Sed Rate is a type of blood test to check if there is any inflammatory activity in your body Doctors generally recommend for the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate test to detect the diseases linked to inflammatory such as infection...


What is an HLA-B test Human leukocyte antigen B HLA-B is a protein found on the surface of the white blood cells And the HLA-B test is performed to find out the HLA-B proteins Human leukocyte antigen B plays an important role in the human...

Rhematoid Factor (RF)

The rheumatoid factor RF test finds out the amount of rheumatoid factor in the blood Rheumatoid factor is a protein which is produced by the immune system Rheumatoid factors mistakenly attack glands joints and other normal cells This test is done to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis...

Rhematoid Factor (RF) Panel (Auto Immune Panel)

Rhematoid Factor RF Panel Auto Immune Panel

Uric Acid

Uric Acid