General Health and Wellness Testing

Amenorrhea Profile (FSH, LH, PROLACTIN)

Amenorrhea Profile FSH LH PROLACTIN

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide

Chemistry 23, CBC, UA

Chemistry CBC UA


What Is a Chloride Test A chloride testing is performed through a simple blood test to check the level of chloride It helps the doctors find out the problem with the acid-base pH balance It helps them use proper medication based on the report A...

Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential and Platelets Test

A Complete Blood Count CBC test is done by taking a blood sample to check the overall health condition and find a wide range of diseases like leukemia infection and anemia The test measures various components in the blood including Platelets that help with blood...

Direct LDL

What is Direct LDL Cholesterol If you want to keep yourself healthy watching your cholesterol is one of the most important diagnostic procedures you always have to check periodically A common element that may cause you a high risk of heart attack is LDL which...

Electrolyte Panel

Electrolyte Panel nbsp

FLC (Kappa Free Lightchain)

What is the FLC Kappa Free Light Chain Test Free Light Chains FLC also known as Kappa Free Light Chain are proteins that are formed by plasma cells also called immune cells They create a chain by connecting other proteins heavy chains and form antibodies...

G6PD (Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase), Quantitative, Blood and Red Blood Cell Count (RBC)

What is a G PD test G PD Glucose -Phosphate Dehydrogenase is a type of blood test that is recommended to find out the levels of glucose- -phosphate dehydrogenase G PD in the blood It is an enzyme that is found in the blood and...

Hepatitis Panel & HIV Test

This test checks for the viruses that cause HIV as well as hepatitis A B and C Hepatitis is an infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver Hepatitis A is a highly contagious infection spread by contaminated food or water or from close...

Lacosamide (VIMPAT)

Lacosamide VIMPAT



Levetracetam (KEPPRA)

Levetracetam KEPPRA



Lyme Disease w/ Confirmation Lyme Western Blot

Lyme Disease w Confirmation Lyme Western Blot

Men Health Panel Test

Men health panel test offers the overall health and nutritional screening that includes essential measurements The panel test will check the functionality of your organs It will screen mineral and vitamin deficiencies and hormone levels as well Why Screening Test Is Essential A timely screening...

Routine Urinalysis (UA)

Routine urinalysis UA test is done as a part of overall health check to test the content appearance and concentration of urine This test helps doctors to diagnose the presence of any kind of urinary tract infections kidney disease and diabetes It may also be...

Valproic Acid

Valproic Acid

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B

Vitamin B12 / Folic Acid

Vitamin B Folic Acid

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy

Vitamin D -OH Total test also known as -hydroxy vitamin D test measures vitamin D levels in your blood It helps doctors find out whether vitamin D levels are too high or too low in one rsquo s body Low level of Vitamin D in...

Women Health Panel Test

Women face so many problems in their personal and professional lives that affect their health adversely A women health panel test provides the overall health and nutritional screening and includes essential measurements The health panel gives a comprehensive look into overall health along with the...